Wasswa Donald.Wasswa Donald

Born August 17 1984, Wasswa Donald is a full time practicing contemporary artist who traces his talent from his father.
He graduated from Kyambogo University where he majored in sculpture and painting. Donald prefers to be called an artist without boundaries, he creates his work through experiments studying the behaviors of different materials in relation to his subjects.

He is the founder of the Artpunch Studio where he works with a number of different artists ranging from photographers, musicians, poets, fashion designers, ceramists and sculptors. Wasswa is also a member of the weaver bird artist village and he strongly believes that each art discipline greatly contributes to the strength of the other so working together with other artists is enough to be inspired to create.

"The work is basically an evidence of the social, political or economic life of the Ugandans and Africa at large, a new language I speak. Everyday brings a story that I crave to share in form of artworks where I do experiment with various materials to express my self through the Ugandan wildlife. My work is a blend of semi-abstract and realism as a style, using the brush and palette knife concurrently in most of my paintings.
For the case of sculpture, am always looking out for the hidden beauty that lies in the incorporation of materials for example wood, clay, metal, plastic and different fabrics to create outfits, bags, wallets, sandals and shoes".

Some of our Artists Include.

Original Wasswa Donald Paintings.

"Kabale Heights."

Kabale Heights.

Mixed Media.



Mixed Media.



Mixed Media.